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What are the advantages of plastic pallets when transporting?

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic pallets

Handling with plastic pallets can improve working conditions and eliminate heavy physical labor;
The working time is greatly reduced, the transportation time is shortened, and the transportation rate of the truck is increased; usually the driver of the forklift can work for ten people alone. If the goods are scattered or heavier, it can be said that one person is equivalent to the workload of twenty people;
Plastic pallet transportation rarely causes damage to the cargo; however, when the manual operation is carried out, the load may be damaged due to fatigue, mistakes, and cargo;
The use of plastic pallets has a corresponding amount of cargo, which can prevent quantity errors during shipment and is easy to manage quantity;
It is possible to effectively carry out the sorting and rectification of the storage place to carry out the three-dimensional storage;
Stereoscopic warehouses, automatic shelf warehouses, etc., without plastic trays, their functions cannot be realized;
Plastic pallets are required for unmanned handling in the factory.

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plastic pallets with sides

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