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Do you know the problem of producing plastic containers?

DATE:2019-11-15Release:plastic containers

The plastic turnover box is a kind of logistics container which is made by injection of HDPE (low pressure high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) with high impact strength. The plastic turnover box has a wide range of uses, which can facilitate the turnover of parts, and has the characteristics of convenient turnover box, neat stacking and easy management. Its reasonable design and excellent quality make it suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing in the factory logistics.
1, owe a note. This phenomenon may occur at the beginning of the plastic crates test mode due to inaccurate screw position adjustment. If this is not the case, it may be caused by low melt temperature, insufficient mold temperature or low secondary injection pressure and speed. Adjust the two situations accordingly. Of course, for a closed vacuum feeder, it is necessary to confirm whether the raw materials are sufficient.
2, demoulding deformation. The deformation of the product during demolding can be divided into various situations. If deformation occurs during the trial mode, it should be considered whether the mold ejector is too thin, the distribution is uneven, or the draft angle is improperly set. If the deformation occurs during the production process, the process parameters should be set incorrectly. If the cooling time is too short and the mold temperature is too high, the plastic turnover box will not cool well.
3, the color is uneven or there are mottled colors. The main reason for this kind of phenomenon is that the raw material stays in the barrel for too long, the mold has a dead angle, the plasticization is uneven, etc., and it should be excluded item by item in actual production.
4. There are wrinkles at the distal end of the gate. This is mainly due to the large mold and premature cooling of the front end of the stream, which can usually be solved by increasing the mold temperature and increasing the melt temperature.

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clear plastic containers

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