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Four advantages of tote box cargo packaging


1, moisture-proof. The plastic crates are encapsulated in plastic film so that the goods are wrapped, and the packaged goods are isolated from the outside atmosphere, so that they are not easily damp during storage. In addition, when the rainy weather is outside the (outside the cabin) material handling, the goods will not be affected too much. Therefore, the entire plastic film for pallet goods can be packaged to prevent moisture.
2, anti-dust. The package encloses the whole package in the plastic film, and the packaged goods are isolated from the external space. During the long-term storage of the goods in the warehouse, the dust in the outside can only fall on the appearance of the plastic film, and not directly adhere to the single piece of goods. It can prevent dust.
3, anti-collapse. The plastic film for packaging has strong stretchability, and the package is packaged by a special packaging machine to make the goods have an overall shape, and it has a good anti-collapse effect than the general coded goods.
4. Avoid counting errors. The plastic film is used to package the goods. The goods are always delivered by the pallet as the container unit before unpacking and retailing. It is much more convenient to count the unit than to count the single item, so that the counting error can be effectively avoided during the delivery of the goods.
At present, as China has not established a plastic turnover container leasing service system, the mode of consistent logistics operation has not yet been formed, resulting in the social and economic value of the tote box packaging has not yet been highlighted, but it is foreseeable that the future turnover box packaging operation will become more popular. development of.

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