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Nesting Containers

RX64315 Nesting Containers

Outer Dimension / 600*400*315mm

Inner Dimension / 555*385*300mm

Internal volume / 600*400*95mm

Volume / 60L

RX64315 Nesting Containers

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The zigzag type twisted closed box cover is dust-proof and pressure-proof, which improves the stacking capacity of the box and ensures the reliability of the box sealing.

Position the card sleeve to prevent the box from being dumped during transport.

The slider can be labeled and the LOGO can be printed according to customer requirements.

Stranded closed box cover for added rigidity.

The lid is reinforced to increase the load.

The inner wall of the box is smooth, which is easy to clean and clean.

Equipped with a transparent label for easy identification of the tote label and keeping the label clean.

The lock secures the box and prevents the item from being lost.

The new patented logo design can identify the material and production date.

The handle design is ergonomic, and it is more comfortable during handling, easy to operate, and easy to carry.

Arc box corners to avoid handling scratches.

There is a labeling place on the wall of the box (labeling place) to facilitate the understanding of the contents of the box.

The box surface is smooth and can be printed.

The matte bottom is non-slip, and it is produced on the assembly line with the assembly line.

Plug-in turnover box is also called oblique insertion type logistics box. It is widely used in machinery, automobile, home appliance, light industry, electronics and other industries. It can resist acid and alkali, oil, non-toxic and tasteless. It can be used for food, etc. Convenient, the parts are easy to turn around, stacked neatly, and easy to manage. Its reasonable design and excellent quality. It is suitable for transportation, distribution, storage, distribution and processing in the factory logistics.
The plug-in turnover box can be used with a variety of logistics containers and workstations for various warehouses, production sites and other occasions. In today's logistics management is increasingly valued by the majority of enterprises, plug-in totes can help complete The generalization and integrated management of logistics containers is a must for production and distribution enterprises to carry out modern logistics management.

Light weight and long service life.
Compatible with all kinds of logistics equipment during the use process.
Effective working temperature is -25 ° C -40 ° C.
Stackable storage, saving space.
It is made of anti-impact modified PP, which is resistant to oil, acid and alkali, and has low conveying noise.

The plug-in turnover box is based on the standardization, unitization and specialization of logistics containers, and aims to save costs and improve efficiency, and plays a decisive role in the internal logistics of the enterprise.
All sizes of plug-in totes are obtained through rigorous mathematical calculations. They can be used in combination with standard logistics equipment and can be stacked neatly and accurately. It is the basic unit for standardization and specialization of logistics containers.
The size error of pluggable turnover box is ±2%, the weight error is ±2%, the sidewall deformation rate is not more than 1.5%, the plane deformation of the bottom of the box is not more than 3mm, and the diagonal change rate of the box is not more than 1.5%. The range allowed by the standard.

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nesting containers with lids

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